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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in learning more about the KOHLER® LuxStone® shower or Walk-In Bath and our remodel process? Find answers to all your questions about product features, design and installation and the KOHLER Services difference.

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  • What services does KOHLER Services Houston offer?
    KOHLER Services Houston is your one-stop shop for all your bath and shower remodel needs. From inspiration to installation, you’ll receive exceptional support, including expert design advice, premium products and our best-in-class Lifetime Limited Warranty. Our KOHLER Experts are trained to provide a seamless remodel experience, extending their care for your new walk-in shower or bath well past installation day. Schedule your free design consultation to start your KOHLER LuxStone shower or Walk-In Bath remodel with KOHLER Services Houston today!
  • Can I convert my old tub to a shower?
    Converting your old tub into a new walk-in shower is easy with KOHLER Services Houston’s Installation Experts. Your KOHLER LuxStone shower is designed to fit within your existing bath space, so all you have to do is select the features and design that meet your needs and preferences. When installation day arrives, our installers will remove and dispose of your old tub before installing your new shower, leaving your bathroom good as new.
  • How do KOHLER LuxStone shower panels compare to other shower wall options?
    KOHLER LuxStone shower walls are designed to withstand the test of time—and look good doing it. Unlike fiberglass, acrylic or tile shower surfaces, KOHLER LuxStone shower walls are made of a combination of stone and durable fiber strands, which resist fading and wear over time. Nonporous and grout-free, they also make your shower cleaning routine even easier. And with our range of design options, you can customize your new shower with colors, patterns and textures to fit your bathroom’s style. Plus, we’ll custom-cut your shower walls for a seamless fit and installation.
  • What are the different types of walk-in tubs?
    With KOHLER Services Houston, you can choose a traditional walk-in tub or add a Shower Package for extra versatility. Each KOHLER Walk-In Bath has a heated backrest, hydrotherapy jets, a wide door and low step-in for maximum safety and comfort. With the Shower Package, you’ll also enjoy your choice of showerhead and a modern, frameless bath screen to keep water contained in the tub.
  • How large is the KOHLER Services Houston showroom?
    Our goal is to simplify your remodel experience at every step, so we’ve designed a showroom large enough to accommodate a significant supply of shower products. At just over 23,000 square feet, our space helps reduce delays in product shipments (and houses your biggest shower dreams!).
  • Can I visit the KOHLER Services Houston showroom?
    Yes, you can visit our Houston showroom to see our product features, explore design options and get customized remodel advice from KOHLER Services Experts. Visit us at 15350 Vantage Pkwy W in Houston.

    Note: Your GPS may list the route as going through a private road; however, you are allowed access to see the showroom.


  • Will a walk-in tub fit a regular bathtub space?
    The KOHLER Walk-In Bath is designed to fit into the footprint of your old tub, making the installation process seamless. Still, the tub size can be customized from 52 to 60 inches long and from 28 to 32 inches wide. The bath is 39 inches high, while the interior seat is 17 inches high and 21.5 inches wide. Regardless of the space you have, the KOHLER Walk-In Bath is engineered to suit your bathroom’s dimensions.
  • What is the smallest recommended size for a walk-in shower?
    The average walk-in shower in the U.S. measures 60" x 30", though size options can vary widely, typically up to 60" x 42". We recommend a shower no smaller than 36” x 36”, but a 48” x 36” shower will allow an adult to move more comfortably. Regardless of the space you have, the KOHLER LuxStone shower is engineered to fit your bathroom.
  • How long will my KOHLER Services products last?
    When you purchase a KOHLER LuxStone shower or Walk-In Bath, you can rest assured they’re made to last. KOHLER LuxStone showers are made from a blend of real stone and other natural materials, making them durable and stain resistant. If you ever need assistance or repairs, your purchase is covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Can you still have a shower with a walk-in tub?
    Yes. With the Shower Package, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a beautiful shower and a safe walk-in bath. No matter their ability or age, a KOHLER Walk-In Bath with Shower Package can be used and enjoyed by every member of your household.

Remodel Process

  • Is installation included in the price of my shower or tub?
    Yes. To ensure a seamless process from start to finish, we include the installation cost in your quote. And thanks to the KOHLER Price Promise, the quote you receive at your in-home consultation is the price you’ll pay. There are never any hidden fees, we guarantee it.
  • Can I design every part of my shower?
    Yes, you can customize each part of your KOHLER LuxStone shower. From gorgeous walls in a variety of colors and patterns to hardware finishes, showerheads and additional accessories, you can design your new shower based on your style. During your free in-home consultation, your KOHLER Services Design Expert will walk through all options with you to help you choose the right features for your style and budget.
  • How long will the installation and remodel take?
    We strive to make your installation quick and efficient, and most installations can be completed in as little as a day or two. Occasionally, there are extenuating circumstances that may extend the installation process. In those cases, your KOHLER Services Experts will work to ensure minimal disruption to your home.
  • Can I install the KOHLER LuxStone shower myself?
    Replacing your bath or shower can be a significant project, as plumbing and electrical needs often arise during installation. Our installation experts are trained to handle all aspects of installation, including plumbing and electrical needs, as well as removing your old shower or bath. Your installation fees are always included in your price, and our best-in-class Lifetime Limited Warranty covers your shower purchase, making it worth taking advantage of our professional installation services.