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How Dana Turned Her Antique Barn’s Shower Into A Modern Oasis

Houston, TX Watch Video
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KOHLER Video Transcript

Dana: This is an old farmhouse that we’re renovating, an old barn, and the previous owners—it, you know, we got it to this point.

Sara: Okay.

Dana: But then on Instagram, I saw your amazing shower inserts, and I thought, “I bet you could do something with this.”

Sara: We can!

Dana: Right?

Sara: I’m so excited. This is such a great canvas for us. So, can you tell me a little bit more about what you’re hoping to have in your master bath? Are you wanting to keep the tub?

Dana: No.

Sara: Okay.

Dana: I definitely want a walk-in shower.

Sara: Okay.

Sara: You could actually have all of those spray experiences that you’re talking about. You don’t have to have just a wall spray, even though we have these, you know, sprayheads that are fantastic on their own as a wall spray. This is a lifetime, non-corrosive finish on our sprayheads. You have the air-induction technology at the back that comes through the spray head and mixes with the water to give you a more voluminous spray, so it feels like you have more water pressure than you actually do.

Dana: Mm-hmm.

Sara: We have the Racetrack technology on the inside that’s going to give you a more even distribution of water coming across the sprayhead. And then you have the silicone nozzles, which just won’t—nothing will stick to.

Dana: Wow.

Sara: Which is great. So you can just kind of—

Dana: Like hard water?

Sara: Exactly like hard water!

Dana: That’s amazing.

Sara: You just kind of rub them every once in a while, and anything trying to stick to them is gonna fall off, so you don’t have to soak them anymore. But you can also choose to have a complete, full-spray experience. So there’s a few different ways to do that. We talked a little bit about the HydroRails, which are fantastic because what you can do with something like this is you can have one wall-mount fixture that is using only one valve behind the wall. And this is mounted on a slide bar that you can change the height of in case you had different-height people using the same shower.

Dana: Mm-hmm.

Sara: You have your wall fixture here that you can adjust a little, and then you also have your handshower that has a nice long 60-inch metal hose, so you can use that to keep the shower clean or if you wanted to use it to even bathe the dog or something like that.

Dana: Wow.

Sara: It’s very multifunctional that way. And you have the diverter right down here at eye level, so it’s easy to change from one spray here to the other.

Dana: Mm-hmm.

Sara: And then you can add to that different functionality, such as the rainhead coming from the ceiling, which we talked a little bit about in your bathroom.

Dana: That’s beautiful. Beautiful. Mm-hmm.

Sara: Absolutely gorgeous. You can layer that onto your shower experience. And then you could also add things like the body sprays, so you could add as many of those as you wanted to.

Dana: And my question is, you’d mentioned, really, with all of this—two to three days. We could get my shower installed, like, done?

Sara: Completely finished. Turnkey.

Dana: That’s amazing.

Sara: Isn’t that incredible?

Dana: So what do we do? Because I, I wanna do this. I love everything that you guys stand for. I’ve learned a lot from you, Sara. What, what do I have to do to get this process started? Because I would love to have this in time for my birthday.

Sara: So, it’s so simple. We are actually going to build an estimate for you right now.

Dana: Okay.

Sara: It’ll just take me a couple of minutes, and then if you are ready to move forward today, we can actually get started today and get you on the calendar in the next two to three weeks.

Dana: Love it. I love it. Let’s do it.

Sara: Alright.

Dana: My bathroom has become my most comfy place. I used to just take a quick shower. Now I relax. I enjoy, I get my comfy robe, my KOHLERⓇ shower systems. I was a little concerned about getting a shower remodel until I contacted KOHLER, and they set me up with a design consultant. I had this beautiful piece of art installed in one to two days. Lifetime guarantee. If you’re thinking about getting a shower remodel—KOHLER Services, they’ve been incredible. What a great experience. And you, too, can have this beautiful KOHLER shower system in your home.

When Houston radio personality Dana Tyson isn’t on the air, her passion is giving new life to old houses in her community. Her latest reno project, a country barn built in 1925, was a blank canvas she was eager to transform into a modern work of art.

“I definitely wanted the tub out, and I wanted a walk-in shower,” Dana explained. “I like very simple, yet elegant.”

Dana says she wanted to remodel the bath space, which had a large bathtub and simple showerhead, into an “oasis.” She recently stayed in a hotel that featured a shower with a decadent rainhead and massaging body sprays, and she wanted to experience the same level of pampering at home.

dana and woman talking new bathroom renovation final complete Workers in bathroom

While searching for a local bath remodeling company, she discovered KOHLER Services Houston on Instagram. She trusted the KOHLER name and had previously used the brand’s products in her home, so she called KOHLER Services and scheduled a consultation with a Design Expert.

Bringing Inspiration To Life

During the consultation, KOHLER Services Design Expert Sara visited Dana’s barn to discuss design options, and Dana shared her vision for a hotel-inspired shower.

“It was an incredible experience, showing me all the options,” Dana says. “She helped me narrow it down to something that I thought I would love for a glam renovated barn. She found the perfect color combination.”

Sara showed her a sample of the KOHLER LuxStone faceted White Brick shower walls, which give the appearance of expensive tile without the unsightly grout. Then she brought in hints of warmth with Oil-Rubbed Bronze faucets.

After finalizing her product choices, Sara provided Dana with a quote for the remodel and scheduled the installation for the following week.

Delighting In The Details

Drawing from her luxurious hotel shower experience, Dana gave herself many spray options for whatever mood may strike. A HydroRail with dual outlets provided the familiarity of a traditional showerhead with the added convenience of a handshower. Overhead was a 10-inch-wide rainhead for an immersive drench. The final touch was a pair of WaterTile body sprays, perfect for targeting sore muscles, installed precisely to align with Dana’s height.

It really did change my water pressure, where we’re now getting this full, intense water experience.

“There are so many options for you to just feel that warm water,” Dana says. “And not only that, it’s not like we had to increase our water pressure. The way the system is built, the water pressure is phenomenal. It really did change my water pressure, where we’re now getting this full, intense water experience.”

During the remodel, Dana marveled at how quickly the team of KOHLER Services Installation Experts worked. She also appreciated how they completed most of their work in their truck to minimize the dust and debris inside her home. They removed the old bathtub and installed the new base, walls and fixtures—all in two days.

“You would think that this would be a two-week process, minimum,” Dana says. “I went from a bathtub to this beautiful walk-in shower system in two days.”

You would think that this would be a two-week process, minimum. I went from a bathtub to this beautiful walk-in shower system in two days.

A More Luxurious Nighttime Routine

Before having her KOHLER LuxStone shower, Dana said, she never really cared about her shower experience. Now, she uses the shower as part of her nightly routine to relax before bed.

“I used to be in the shower for seconds; I would get in and out. Now I just stay in there, relax… It’s like a spa in my barn. It’s incredible.”

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